Programmumstellung: C => Fortran

c2f unter Windows 95/NT.
C2F.ZIP can be downloaded from:

C2F.ZIP       contains:
README.C2F    this file
C2F.EXE       Win9x/NT console mode program
CPP.EXE       Dos C pre-processor (only invoked if macros encountered)
C2F.FI        Fortran Interfaces
C2F.FD        Fortran Definitions
C2F_LIB.F90   support routines
DEBUG.C       C source used to check translation
INSTALL.BAT   moves files -> C, F subdirectories
C2F.F90       source to create C2F.EXE using CVF compiler

CREATE  C2F   directory            if not already created
CREATE  C2F\C subdirectory                 "
CREATE  C2F\F subdirectory                 "
UNZIP   C2F.ZIP -> C2F directory and move to that directory
RUN INSTALL.BAT (or manually perform its commands below)
  MOVE debug.c C\debug.c
  MOVE c2f.fd  F\c2f.fd
  MOVE  F\
  MOVE c2f_lib.f90 F\c2f_lib.f90

installation is complete,
to perform a translation (where directories are created in C partition)

          -- C
          -- F

run c2f.exe from the command line

C:\C2F\>C2F.EXE       results in C2F.EXE printing out user options

at >> prompt,
user may key in name of a c source that has been
moved into the c subdirectory, for example:

>>DEBUG   (upper/lowercase insensitive,
           as is adding .C to name which is ok but already assumed)

results in C\debug.c file being translated to F\debug.f90 file

move to f subdirectory and compile the F90 file produced (using CVF)

and then run the DEBUG.EXE produced

which will create DEBUG.NEW file which can be compared with the
output produced by compiling/executing debug.c using a C compiler.

C2F's reporting 0 errors for your project.c file
doesnt mean that the F90 file will compile error free,
or that even if you can create a exe file, the exe will run ok.
But at least you will have a leg-up on any project to create
a FORTRAN version of your C source..

Good luck

David Frank
Cocoa Beach, Florida
retired RCA Missile Test Project radar programmer (28 yrs)..
at Cape Canaveral/Patrick AFB Florida, and "downrange"..
C2F.ZIP can be downloaded from:

14. Aug 2000        Wilhelm Gehrke