Mac OS Turkish Test

You can use this document to check if your fonts conform to
the Mac OS Turkish encoding.
Save this file to your harddisk, open it with any word processor,
select the whole text, and choose a Turkish font.

Letters with acute
A a   E e   I i   O o   U u

Letters with breve
G g

Letters with cedilla (comma)
C c   S s

Letters with circumflex
A a   E e   I i   O o   U u

Letters with diaeresis (umlaut)
A a   E e   I i   O o   U u   Y y

Letters with/without dot above
I i

Letters with grave
A a   E e   I i   O o   U u

Letters with ring above
A a

Letters with stroke (slash)
O o

Letters with tilde
A a   N n   O o

AE ae   OE oe

	cent sign
	copyright sign
	degree sign
	division sign
	double angle quotation mark (guillemet) <<
	double angle quotation mark (guillemet) >>
	double quotation mark 66
	double quotation mark 99
	double quotation mark low-99
	em dash
	en dash
	greater than or equal to
	less than or equal to
	micro sign
	middle dot (centered period)
	not equal sign
	not sign
	per mille (per thousand) sign
	pilcrow (paragraph) sign
	plus-minus sign
	pound sterling sign
	registered sign
	section sign
	single quotation mark 6
	single quotation mark 9 (apostrophe)
	trademark sign
	yen sign