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ISO Greek test

You can use this document to check if your browser displays HTML documents in the Greek encoding ISO-8859-7 correctly. Characters outside the ISO-8859-7 repertoire are written as character references &#number;. Some browsers failed to display such characters.

Capital letters
A B G D E Z E Th I K L M N X O P R S T Y F C Ps O
  à Ġ Š Ơ Ǡ Ƞ ɠ ʠ ˠ ̠ ͠ Π Ϡ Р Ѡ Ӡ Ԡ ՠ ֠ נ ؠ
  à Ġ Š Ơ Ǡ Ƞ ɠ ʠ ˠ ̠ ͠ Π Ϡ Р Ѡ Ӡ Ԡ ՠ ֠ נ ؠ
Capital letters with tonos
A   E   E   I   O   Y   O
Capital letters with dialytika
I   Y
Small letters
a b g d e z e th i k l m n x o p r ss t y f c ps o

Small letters with tonos
a   e   e   i   o   y   o
Small letters with dialytika
i   y
Small letters with dialytika and tonos
i   y
¢cent sign
©copyright sign
¤currency sign
°degree sign
÷division sign
«double angle quotation mark (guillemet) <<
»double angle quotation mark (guillemet) >>
euro sign
horizontal bar (quotation dash)
µmicro sign
·middle dot (centered period)
×multiplication sign
¬not sign
pilcrow (paragraph) sign
±plus-minus sign
£pound sterling sign
®registered sign
§section sign
single quotation mark 6
single quotation mark 9 (apostrophe)
¹superscript 1
²superscript 2
³superscript 3
¥yen sign
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